Hold On to Your Precious Metals!

Have you noticed the large number of people retiring lately? Baby Boomers perhaps? Have you also noticed that a lot of them are actually retiring a little later than they might have 10 or 20 years ago? We all dream of the concept of freedom at 55, retiring at a nice young age so that we can finally start to enjoy life. Or at least that is what we think. Retiring means no more hassles, no more stress at work, no more stress at home, just bright sunny days and smooth sailing right? Well it can be but you must be prepared.

With the economic troubles we have experienced over the last years, a lot of people who thought that retiring early might have been possible are now rethinking those decisions and working a little longer. There are a lot of people still working past the age of 65 and I’m sure that wasn’t in their original plans.

There are a lot of things that can make and keep retired people happy. Friends and family, pets, health, and a good attitude to name a few. However, let’s not forget money. It is said that money doesn’t make happiness, but it sure can help!

There is perhaps a source of revenue (or a pot of gold) that you haven’t considered yet. You might have more to retire with than you think. Up until 1998 the only precious metals that were allowed to be placed within an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) were American Eagle silver and gold coins. However, tax laws changed and now an IRA can hold gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion which meet the quality requirements.

I’m sure we’re all very familiar with gold, silver and platinum but how about palladium? Well for baby boomers, you could actually have a lot of this hanging around! Palladium was declared a government resource during the second world war. Palladium has been used as a precious metal in jewelry since 1939 and resembles white gold.

So, if your looking at your retirement portfolio, or even just a simple IRA and wondering how you might expand it a little, or a lot (depending on how much jewelry and precious metals you have gathered over your lifetime), use this as an excuse to go through those drawers or closets you’ve been meaning to get to and put aside all the bits of precious metal you find. You never know how much it could be worth to you at retirement time!

Retirement and 401k Investment

As ѕоon аѕ a реrѕоn gets of a cеrtаіn agе ranging abovе 50 he еntеrѕ the rеtirement zone. Aftеr thіs age thе аbilіtіеѕ stаrt dеprеcіаtіng duе tо whісh hе іs unable to реrfоrm well еnоugh and іѕ discharged frоm thе jоb with сertain rеtirеmеnt fundѕ and pеnѕiоn. Pеnѕіons аnd rеtіremеnt funds don’t lаѕt good еnоugh and thеу hаrdly аllоw уоu to fulfill yоur nееdѕ. Sо hоw саn it bе рoѕѕіble tо ѕurvivе сomfоrtаbly in the rapіdlу аcсеlеrаtіng рriceѕ?

401k iѕ a retіrement sаvings aсcount sеt bу еmрloyerѕ for thеir emрlоуееs. Theѕе accоuntѕ arе governed bу the subsectіоn 401(K) of thе іntеrnаl revenuе соde. Eасh yeаr whіlе the еmрlоyee іѕ ѕtіll wоrkіng for the emрlоyer, an amount is ѕet asіde іn a sаving acсount bу thе emplоуer for hіѕ emрlоуeе. Thе аmоunts to be sеt аѕіde in thеѕe aссountѕ arе deductеd from еmploуee’ѕ pаy сhесkѕ аnd the naturе of these amоuntѕ iѕ tax deferred. Evеn the emploуee hіmѕеlf сan сontrіbutе some еxtra amоunt fоr hіs 401k accоunt sо that he mіght ѕаve the mоѕt while he іѕ stіll еarning аnd соnsumе іt later whеn hе wоn’t havе anу income sоurсe аfter retіrement.

Althоugh уou gеt amоunts cоntrіbutеd аnnually tо your 401k acсоunt and yоu аre familіar wіth thе aсtual аmоunt the only thіng that troublеs a bit that with thiѕ ѕаvіng ассоunt уou get unsurе оf what уou’ll gеt for yоur retirеmеnt fundѕ. The retiremеnt fundѕ fоr thоse who havе theѕе ѕaving aссountѕ deреnd upon fund’ѕ perfоrmanсe. The amоunt оf funds in thе 401k аccоunt сan оnly bе withdrаwn when the retіrеment dаte mаtures. If the funds аre withdrawn earlіеr, therе іѕ а penaltу сhаrged bу the Internаl Rеvеnuе Sеrvіce (IRS).

Rеtіrеeѕ moѕtlу receive inсomе frоm three mаjor sоurces:

  • Indіvidual Rеtіrеment Acсounts
  • Social Seсurіtу Benefitѕ
  • 401k

In thе pаst dеcade rеtirеmеnt іnveѕting haѕ рroven tо be onе оf the mоѕt lіablе аnd effеctivе tools for еarnіng a соnsіdеrаte amount of inсome whіle saving thе rеtiremеnt funds. Duе to the ѕuсcess оf thіs сritеrion it hаs spreаd unbеlievablу faѕt. Almost all the retіrеmеnt fund сustоdiаnѕ arе now рrovіdіng the оptіоn оf retirеmеnt іnvestіng thrоugh IRAѕ (Indіvidual Rеtіrement Acсountѕ). A very interestіng thing tо bе notіcеd in the above exрlanаtіоn is thаt уоu оnlу get retirеments frоm jobѕ аnd ѕerviсеѕ but not from а busіneѕѕ. And thаt’ѕ whеrе the key to а hеalthy and sесure lifе aftеr retіrement lies.

In the past dеcade retіremеnt іnvеѕting hаѕ рrоvеn tо bе onе of the moѕt liablе and еffесtіve tоolѕ for еаrnіng a consіdеrate аmount оf іncоme while sаving the rеtіrеmеnt fundѕ. Due tо thе sucсesѕ оf this сriteriоn it hаѕ ѕpreаd unbеliеvаbly faѕt. 401k іѕ by fаr thе mоst poрular аnd fаvorіte incomе plаn аmоng rеtireеѕ. Prеviouѕlу rеtіrеmеnts werе сonsіdered as а hugе financіal criѕіs burden whеn рeoрlе had tо managе wіthin thе tight and ѕcаrce rеtirеmеnt funds and pensіоnѕ. But now retіrement іs conѕidеrеd аѕ а rеlіef frоm lоng laѕtіng job sеrvіces. Peорle аre now hарріеr tо gеt rеtіremеnts whеn they feel they are оf age аѕ ever before.

401k aсcоuntѕ саn be uѕed tо рurсhаѕе Gold аѕsеts aѕ wеll. Thіѕ fасіlіty waѕn’t available eаrliеr but now keерing іn viеw the intеrеѕt of rеtіreeѕ, thіs орtion hаѕ аlѕо bеen made роѕsіble. Similarly you саn alsо rоllovеr from 401k to аn Indіvidual Retіrеment Aсcоunt (IRA) and viсе verѕа. Thе proсedurе оf rоlling over in-bеtwеen thе two аcсоunt typеs іs not muсh cоmplicаted. All уou nеed іѕ a рrоfеѕѕіonal аѕѕiѕtаnсe in this rеgаrd аnd уоur aсcоunt tуpе wіll bе еаѕіlу rolled оver. You maу alѕo wаnt to соnvert іt to Gоld IRA to actively pаrtіciраte іn gоld іnvеѕtment and earn prоfіtѕ. But obviоuѕlу еaсh аccоunt tyрe haѕ іtѕ оwn vаryіng qualіtіes аnd drawbaсks. So уоu ѕhоuld thоroughlу cоnsіdеr the rоllovеr.

Thеre аre three dіfferent рlans avaіlаblе under seсtіоn 401k:

  • Trаditіоnаl 401k
  • Sіmplе
  • Safe Hаrbоr

The tradіtional plаn is bу fаr the mоѕt flеxiblе one. Thе elіgіblе emрlоуеes mау mаkе pre-tax pауrоll defеrrаls. Thеre аrе two poѕsіblе ѕсhеduling mесhаnіѕmѕ for traditіonаl рlanѕ: vеѕting аnd clіff vеѕting. If a 401k ассоunt iѕ bаsed on immеdіate vеsting sсhedule thе emрlоyer сontrіbutіоns аre аpplіеd aѕ ѕoоn aѕ the еmрlоyее plaсеs money іn thе ассount. Alternatіvеlу іn clіff vеѕting ѕсhedule it іs сlеarlу dесided іn advаnced thаt the cоntrіbutіоns оr аmоunts would be vеѕt аftеr а certаin рeriod. Observing the сharactеrіsticѕ of thіs acсоunt tуре, it hаs рroven tо bе verу beneficiаl tо mееt thе neеdѕ оf small businеss оrderѕ.

All thоѕе smаll buѕinеѕsеѕ who feel еvеn the ѕlightеst iѕsuеs in meеting theіr neеds ѕhould іnѕtаntlу аpplу fоr 401k ассount аnd thіs also gоеs for all thоsе emрloyeеs whо are wоrkіng in a cоmраny thаt оffers thіѕ аccount tо іnѕtantly apply fоr it іf thеу dоn’t alrеаdy hаve оnе.

A doubt about the authenticity of your 401k gold stone?

If you are unsure about the authenticity or value of your 401k gold gem you should consider buying a piece of equipment that will help you get the answer. That way you do not have to rely on so called experts that may not provide an honest opinion and try to buy from you at a lower than market value.

The following is a selection of tester diamonds and precious stones. With these instruments you get an instant and reliable reading. Moreover these instruments are compact, durable and operate on batteries.

PRESIDIUM Moissanite Tester II

The Presidium Tester is the second generation model that is designed specifically for the identification of the moissanite.

DiamondMate Diamond tester

The DiamondMate diamond tester is an instrument that uses the thermal conductivity test method to provide an appropriate reading. This method has been proven to verify the authenticity of diamonds with high accuracy.

AS2-1T Source Multitester

The AS2-1T Source Professional multi tester is another reliable apparatus used widely to test diamonds as well as moissanites.


The PRESIDIUM GEM TESTER is suitable for diamonds and also works well to estimate coloured stones. It offers a simple, fast, easy and proven solution allowing you identify a wide variety of stones: Sapphire, Tanzanite, Emerald, Jadeite, Ruby, etc.

Presidium MultiTester III

This Presidium model uses the principle of combined thermal and electrical conductivity according to a patented technology.

The measurements from the electronic sensor are designed to identify and isolate data of the stone through a micro controller. In a few seconds, test results are available!


This is the only gemology instrument of the Presidium brand in the gemstone industry that is based on thermal conductivities and reflection. These are two proven testing methods for gemstones. In summary, the tester differentiates diamonds moissanites through thermal conductivities and reflection indices. Gems can also be generally tested with the tester.

The Presidium DuoTester is equipped with a retractable probe with a tip that maintains consistent pressure against the gemstone while testing for enhanced results. The smallest probe tip made in the industry (0.6 mm) allows testing of stones as small as 0.02ct.

These are the specifications of this instrument:

- Comes with an alert buzzer to make sure the probe tip stays in contact with the stone during the testing process
- Display Coloured Gemstone
- Requires 5 AA batteries (not included) or adapter
- Leather case included

As you can see there are reliable instruments to evaluate 401k gold, stones and gems and help you get the authentication required.

Investing Your 401k In Gold

For anybody who already has a 401k account and is looking to convert all or a part of it into gold, there are a few things that absolutely must be taken into consideration before doing so. Understanding these facts will ensure that the investment isn’t poorly made and that costly mistakes that can seriously affect the value of the investment in the future are completely avoided.

Now most people who are looking to turn their 401k into gold probably know that out of all assets that can be invested in, gold is the only one that has constantly been on the rise over the past fifty years or so. But this doesn’t apply only to gold, it generally applies to other precious metals as well, such as silver.

However, the reasons why precious metals keep their value and if anything, increase their value, is because these types of metals are rare. There is in fact a very limited supply for these materials but the demand just keeps on growing. Nowadays, gold is used in many industries and for many purposes like dentistry all the way to formula 1 race cars. It is also majorly used in the production of high tech devices that are continuously more in demand as well.

But investing parts of a 401k into gold first requires that people fully understand the rules that their 401k is governed by. There are sometimes limitations set by the fiduciaries that employers use such as they type of gold that can be invested in as well as how and when those investments can be made.

Now gold, silver and other precious metals aren’t part of the banking system like paper currency is. That means that investing in gold related stocks isn’t as safe as investing in actual gold bullion like coins and bars. The reason is that even though the companies that work in and around gold (mining companies for example) aren’t protected from economical meltdowns like that seen a few years ago. Therefore if a company goes under, those stocks aren’t worth anything anymore, unlike purchasing actual gold which has proven time and time again to maintain its value through even the roughest of economic crises.

Without a doubt, the most important thing to do when considering rolling a part of your 401k into gold is to find a reputable company to work with. By identifying a reputable gold custodian to help you out, you will be avoiding many major pitfalls that can seriously compromise the integrity of your investment and therefore your entire retirement plan.

They will help you find the highest quality bullion that won’t lose value over time. Also, they will be able to help you consolidate your particular 401k plan with the right type of gold to invest in. This will help you not only put your money in a safe place, but also help to avoid mistakes that can compromise your relationship with your employer’s 401k provider. Overall it is very important to know the rules of gold bullion investing, both in terms of the 401k plan as well as that regarding the investment itself.

The Benefits Of Investing Into Gold For Your 401k

The greatest aspect of your 401k retirement plan is that you have the ability to place your investments where you wish. Gold is a solid investment because its value never seems to decrease. Overall the value of gold gradually increases over a period of time, which makes your investments into the metal payoff in the end. Right now it is a good idea to start a 401k and invest into gold, or to rollover your assets into a rollover IRA. Most companies won’t let you rollover your assets but you can ask to see if this is possible.

Did you know people have been investing into gold for over 5,000 years? This precious metal has always been appealing to the world. You can invest into different types of gold such as gold coins or gold futures. It really doesn’t matter the type of gold you put your money into just remember to invest. Also keep in mind that you should not invest too much of your paycheck into gold. Although gold can be of great value one day nothing is ever a 100% sure thing. Plan to invest no more than 10 percent of your earnings into gold.

You still have the ability to invest into gold if your company does not offer a retirement account. Visit a brokerage firm to learn how to get started. Speak with one of the representatives to see what it takes to start investing process. For those that already have assets and wish to complete a rollover the firm can help with that as well. The executive that handles your account will take your previous assets and convert it into gold. Visit a brokerage firm as soon as possible to open a new account or rollover your assets so that you can have a promising investment in gold.

Buying gold to add towards your investment is very simple. The Internet has made it very easy for individuals to purchase gold online and to add it to a retirement account. After you have established your new 401k retirement account with gold assets you can continue to add gold. Purchase gold whenever you have some extra money save and add to your investment account. Keep an eye on the market and when you see gold drop in price that is the perfect time to invest. People do not realize that just like any other commodity the value of gold fluctuates. Take advantage of any opportunities that you find and invest into a precious metal that is going to rise up in value again one day.

Create your retirement account around gold investments. By either establishing a 401k with gold investments or rolling one over you will set yourself up to have a promising retirement. Trust a commodity that has proven to hold its value for thousands of years. People do not realize the great value of gold and how much investments today can pay off one day in the future. Make the right choice for your 401k and you will be pleased with the results.

Things To Know When Rolling Your 401k Into Gold

In the represent economic climate, many people are looking for the safest investments possible so that they can protect their money and ensure themselves a stable retirement plan. Now many people actually have 401k plans that are provided through their employer and this allows them to make investments without paying any king of taxes on them. However, it isn’t all 401k plans that employers offer in America that actually let employees invest in gold.

There are many reasons to invest in gold over the other more popular types of investments. The reason is that investing in traditional currencies or things like real estate can be very unstable and not provide the investor with the maximum return on his investment, if at all. When people are trying to plan for their retirement, this just isn’t acceptable at all.

The proof that national currencies aren’t stable at all can be readily seen these days as money countries are constantly printing out more money in an attempt to get their economies back on track. However, this only contributes to lower the value of said currency and ultimately puts investors at a disadvantage.

Gold on the other hand is a very stable investment because nobody can create it which makes it one of the only investments that has constantly risen over the past 50 years or so.. It is a very limited resource that is for the most part difficult to extract and process which is why it is so valuable. It is also used in many industries such as technology, architecture, jewelry and even dentistry. Because the demand is so high, it ultimately makes it a great investment for anybody looking to solidify their 401k and retirement plan.

But before you start investing your 401k into gold there are a few things that you need to know. Firstly, there is the issue of whether or not your employer’s fiduciary actually allows the investment of your 401k into gold. Also, if you really want to invest your 401k money into gold, some employers will actually demand that you actually opt out of their 401k plan which means that you forfeit any and all future contributions from your employer.

Therefore it is important to ask questions to the people who are in charge of this to fully understand all of your options. If you aren’t working for your employer anymore, this situation is a lot easier to resolve. Usually, you either have the option of transferring your 401k into gold or keep the 401k plan.

Then, it is very important to only invest in gold that is very pure as it will hold its value better over time. For the most part, IRA’s won’t accept bullion and bars that has a purity level that is under 99.5 percent. It is also important to fully check the accreditation of the company you are purchasing the gold bullion from. When the company is a reputable one and has a proven track record, there generally isn’t an issue with the purity of the gold they sell.

The Advantages Of Holding Gold In Your 401k Account

gold 401k

One of the biggest advantages of a 401k account is they are often matched. This means you are getting a nice return already. Does this mean you don’t need to be as aggressive? Of course not, this is an advantage not a ticket to get lazy. However, being conservative yet still slightly aggressive in other ways can be a great option. How can you do this. You can accomplish this by investing in gold.

Gold is hitting record highs, and to be honest, it has done this throughout history. This makes it a great recession-proof investment that is very appealing to many people. Especially when economies take a hit, gold prices seem to soar. So, it’s also a protectorate of investment portfolios on a grand scale.

While any investment can be volatile, gold has such a proven track record that it makes a great investment for your 401k. Think about all of the different types of investments you can make with gold. You can purchase gold bullion or coins, which sometimes have collectible value as well, and you can also purchase different gold stocks or mutual funds and shares. Plus, if you leave the company in which you have your 401k, you can roll over your gold 401k into a gold IRA, in which the government will house your gold for you.

Your 401k is an investment that is meant for your retirement. So, these are decisions that you want to see through and let build. While you can always change investments within your 401k, it is a good idea to make very educated decisions to let them grow so that you can maximize your investment returns.

I have a gold 401k as a self-employed individual. Many people don’t even know that 401ks are available to self-employed people. However, that is the case, and I am definitely a participant. I enjoy this because building wealth with gold is the closest to a sure thing as you can get. In many ways, it is better than even saving cash in different liquid investment accounts. For one, the return is generally larger with gold, and for two money is backed by gold with the government. Gold is the source of money!

So are you sold on a gold 401k? It is estimated that many analysts suggest that you have about a 10 percent holding of gold in your regular investment account. How much more then would you say that gold should be kept in a 401k or an IRA? It is a very valuable investment that could see you gleaning high returns through even a downturn in the economy. Chances are, it will do well in any economy, but just in case you decide to retire when economics aren’t going so well, you’re safe!

Doesn’t it just seem like gold can provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for? Look into the different investment options that you have so that you’re very versed with the decisions you make. Not all gold investments are alike, and some of them carry more risk than others. The absolute best gold investment you can make is bullion. That is gold in its pure form and held by you inside your portfolio. How does it get any better than that?

While you cannot predict specifically which way gold is going to head in the future, it is the foundation of money. Plus, it has historically proven itself time and time again. Therefore, it’s about the safest bet out there. If things go wrong with gold, then you can be rest assured there will be many other problems in society that will be grabbing people’s attentions as well.

If you’re older, it’s especially a good time to be taking a look at more conservative investments. While gold can prove to provide substantial returns, it is definitely considered a conservative investment. That is why it is such a good one. So why not make your future a more safe one by at least exploring your options with gold investing. You will realize the value involved, and now you know that value can also be part of your 401k plan as well.

What is the Difference Between IRA and 401k Accounts?

An IRA or an Individual Retirement Account is a private investment that is funded solely by you. It is purely a personal choice of operating an IRA account. It is surely a good idea to open an IRA account in a reputed financial institution to ward off financial insecurities that are frequent occurrences in old age.

There are two types of IRA accounts; the traditional account and the Roth IRA account. A traditional IRA account is the basic form of account where the management and processing of every transaction is done by an IRA custodian or a financial institution. Mutual funds, stocks and bonds could be used as an investment in this version. Your income level and family status would be scrutinized before you could join such an IRA account. Most people would have to contribute a maximum amount of $2,000 each year to a standard IRA account. There is one common feature for a 401k account and an IRA account. The age to withdraw funds is stipulated as 59 years and 6 months in both these account formats.

A Roth IRA account is much less complicated than a standard IRA account. Restrictions and requirements are much lesser. Roth account holders could transfer funds from a deceased account holder to the beneficiary. The benefits could be passed down to the heirs of the account holder. Tax benefits are much better with a Roth IRA account than the standard IRA account. Even though the benefits are much higher in a Roth IRA account; joining a Roth IRA account is more cumbersome than joining a standard IRA account.

The salary scale should be much higher than the standard IRA accounts. Your funds should be held for at least 5 years in a Roth account before withdrawing. If you decide to withdraw any funds from the account before 5 years of operation; you would have to pay a 10% penalty. If you could operate a Roth account for more than 5 years and make your withdrawals after 59.5 years; your withdrawals would be nontaxable. Your investment and interest is totally safe and nontaxable in a situation like this. Even in a situation where you lose your life; your beneficiary could withdraw all the interests, dividends and investment without paying any taxes.

The 401k Account

A 401k account differs from an IRA account because it is offered by your workplace. The 401k account would involve your contribution and the contribution of your employer. The 410k plan is a retirement plan and the main benefit is the employer contribution. This is a golden opportunity to an employee and most people do not take advantage of this retirement plan. What a pity! considering the free contribution that you would be getting from the employer.

Any contribution you make to the 401k account is not taxable until you withdraw the money from the account, which is at the age of 59.5 years. Your contribution to the 401k account could be as much as 15% of your annual salary or $10,000. (The smaller amount would be taken into account. This would be lesser for smaller companies at around $6,000.) The employer would match your contribution to the 401k account. Some employers contribute 30 cents per every dollar. There are some who would contribute 50 cents per every dollar. Just do your math and you could see how profitable it is to maintain a 401k account with your employer.

Some people contribute as much as 25% of their salary to the 401k account. Most of you would find it difficult to allocate that much to the 401k account as there may be too many bills to be taken care of. The key is that the 401k account would be granted tax reliefs along the way and you should be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

These retirement accounts are great as they offer financial security for old age as well as they could be used to get out of debt or make a down payment for a new home. If you have a heap of debts to settle off; you could use the built equity of the retirement account to pay it off and be debt free.

Investing Your Future Retirement Plan In a Gold 401k

A few decades ago very few Americans actually put money away to ensure that they had a decent pension when they eventually got to retirement age, so Congress decided in 1978 that they would bring out legislation to lower a person’s federal and state taxes as an incentive. The Tax Reform Act was eventually passed after a lot of haggling and it allowed the creation of tax deferred savings for all employees. The name 401K comes from the section and paragraph numbers in the Internal Revenue Code which is section 401 and paragraph K.

As usual with these things, the legalities take a while to work through the system and then it is up to the employer and employee to make use of what is on offer and implement it, so it was not until 1991 that all of the regulations were in place. Since then the 401k plan has become very popular as it includes free money from your employer, earnings and savings that accrue without thinking, and a lower taxable income.

The problem with any retirement plan is that the younger we are, the further away old age is so why bother investing? The thing is, the earlier you start investing the more chance you have of a very comfortable retirement with no money worries so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy life. The longer you leave it the less you will be retiring on. It is not unusual for someone in their early twenties to end up with over a million dollars in their pension pot, and that makes for a very enjoyable retirement.

Since the 401K came into existence it has pretty much done very well for all of the people investing in it, especially during some of the best global financial runs in history such as the first 5 years of the century. People who had retired by 2006 had made a pot load of money to top up their plan during those years, however those who didn’t ended up having their plan hit by the market crashes of 2007/8, and retiring during that period and the years after meant that many people were retiring with less money than they had expected, but that is what can happen when you invest everything in one area, most investments carry some kind of risk.

In order to spread the risk in such volatile times it is wise to invest in Gold 401K, this has a few advantages with the main one being that when markets tend to start falling, investors will bail out which speeds up the drop, but where do they then put their money? One of the safest options during such times has always been gold. If you compare the gold price from 2007 to 2012 with the stock market price you will see that due to all of the extra demand gold prices rose, and by quite a substantial amount.

With the stock market having recovered in recent times you may wonder why you should now invest in Gold 401K, but the world economies are still slow with growth pretty much none existent in a number of Western countries, and although gold prices may dip when stock markets recover they are still way above the level they were in 2007. The financial markets are still skating on thin ice and it will take years for them to stabilize to a point where many investors are happy, and even when they do they will still leave their Gold 401K investments where they are.

The demand for gold is not going to go away, even when the number of investors moving money from the stock market to gold dries up as there is still massive demand for the precious metal as it is needed by the electronics industry, and more and more gadgets are hitting the market every month these days. The planets growing population means that more people are buying gold for personal use, and many world banks are using it to back up their reserves. So if you think that the price of gold may have peaked, think again.

Remember, the gold price will always go up and down over monthly periods, but you are investing for the long term and the trend has always been up.

Key Facts About Choosing A Gold IRA

Given the economic turmoil and uncertainty of recent years, scores of folks with individual retirement accounts remain skittish when it comes to conventional investments in the stock market. Unfortunately, the most secure fixed-income investment options around have been producing extremely disappointing returns, while the prospect of inflation remains of great concern to many. As a result, increasing number of individuals are looking to the gold IRA as a potential alternative.

Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code, it is permissible for IRAs to include ownership of some types of silver, platinum and gold coins in addition to certain precious metal bullion, as long as it meets relevant content standards. Bullion or coins purchased for IRA inclusion are required to be held in trust, however, and cannot be held by the owner of the IRA individually. Thus, physical possession of IRA gold by the IRA owner is precluded. This restriction is the same for Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs as well as for simplified employee pension accounts.

Perhaps the main hurdle when it comes to esablishing a gold or precious metal IRA involves the need to identify a trustee willing and able to create a self-directed IRA, coordinate funds transfers to the seller of the precious metals and orchestrate the actual handoff and storage of the physicals assets themselves. Most major brokerage firms are unwilling to get involved in such cumbersome transactions, leaving this unique service in the hands of a smaller group of enterprises.

In most instances, a trustee charges a relatively nominal initial IRA establishment fee, a yearly fee to cover account management and statement generation and a fee to provide for the physical storage of an insurance for the precious metal assets. There may be additional charges and assessments for transactions such as distributions and contributions to the account and purchases of additional bullion and coins. Typically speaking, an IRA owner shoulders the responsibility for finding the precious metals dealer from whom the IRA’s physical assets will be purchased, or dealers wishing to purchase assets from the IRA account.

The growing popularity of gold-backed IRAs stems from the economic upheaval of recent years, combined with the very nature of gold and other precious metals. These types of assets have been revered and highly valued throughout the ages, and therefore give investors a feeling of true confidence and security. This has shown to be particularly prized during times of global financial insecurity and concern. The ability of sidestepping the unpredictability and risky nature of traditional stock market investments has become increasingly desirable to a growing segment of individuals who are planning for retirement.

The key to seizing the opportunity to diversity an investment portfolio or retirement plan by using gold or other precious metals in an IRA involves taking the time to do sufficient research on the topic. Fortunately, resources on the subject are now more plentiful than ever, making it much easier to identify the right strategy and the best professionals in the business who can effectively execute the financial intentions of any investor.